Tubing and Canoeing

Tubing on the Muskegon RiverFloating down the Muskegon River is a great way to spend a summer day.  Newaygo Cottage is a great “home base” for your tubing or canoeing weekend.  There are trips that range from about an hour all the way to 5 hours or more on the river that you can take during your stay at the cabin.  Take a look at our information, and plan your float trip getaway at Newaygo Cottage!

For all tube trips, make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Food is a good idea, too, as is sun screen.  Any drinking should be done in moderation, and no glass bottles are allowed on the river.

Also be aware that there is very little public property on this stretch of the Muskegon River, so please limit your stops to public parks and launches.

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Thornapple to Newaygo Cottage

This trip starts at the Thornapple Public Access, and is around 2 miles on the river.  We like this trip because it’s short and fun.  It’s easy to do several times in one day and allows breaks.

Float Time:  ~1 hour

Drive Time:  5-10 mins

Directions:  Newaygo Cottage to Thornapple

Notes:  The Thornapple access requires a DNR Recreation Passport to use.  Cost is $10 per car ($29 for out-of-state), and the passport is good for entrance to Michigan parks, trail heads, and boat launches.


Pine Street to Newaygo Cottage

This tubing trip is probably the most popular for Newaygo Cottage guests.  It gives you a long float on the river and a good opportunity to just relax while you travel about 7.5 miles on the Muskegon.

Float Time:  4-4.5 hours

Drive Time:  15 – 20 mins

Directions:  Newaygo Cottage to Pine Street


Croton to Newaygo Cottage

This is the marathon trip.  You’re starting from just below the Croton Dam and floating a whopping 8.5 miles on the Muskegon River before you get back to the cabin.  Be warned that this is a REALLY long trip in a tube; five and a half hours on the river can feel a lot longer than it sounds.

Float Time:  5-5.5 hours

Drive Time:  ~20 min

Directions:  Newaygo Cottage to Kimble Park



Newaygo Cottage to Henning Park

This takes you from the cabin to a public access just short of Downtown Newaygo.  This trip takes you around 4 miles on the river and is the shortest trip available that starts from Newaygo Cottage.

Float Time:  4-4.5 hours

Drive Time:  10-15 mins

Directions:  Newaygo Cottage to Henning Park


Newaygo Cottage to Downtown Newaygo

This trip takes you to downtown Newaygo, a little more than 4 miles on the river.  The park downtown can be pretty busy, as one of the local liveries uses it as its end point, too.

Float Time:  ~4.5 hours

Drive Time: ~10 mins

Directions:  Newaygo Cottage to Downtown Newaygo



Best Tubing EquipmentThe best place to get tubes (in our humble opinion) is right here at Newaygo Cottage in the General Store! We have high-quality Intex River Run tubes available for sale right in the cottage. No need to reserve or pre-plan the right number. Just grab and go!  We’ll just add the tubes to your room rate.  You can even borrow our car-powered air compressor for free so that you can blow the tubes up once you get to the launch point (as opposed to trying to transport fully-inflated tubes).  Why rent when you can buy for about the same amount and use over and over?

We do not rent tubes or canoes.  If you prefer to use a livery service, there are several in the area.  We recommend Croton Dam Float Trips.  See their website or call them at 231-652-6037 for more info.  Most of the rental places on the Muskegon are booked solid every weekend during the summer, so advance reservations are advised.


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